Webinar: How to maintain your own opinion? About unconsciously repeating the opinions of others 

How can we maintain our own opinion when someone is trying to influence us from every side? Can we avoid unconsciously “parroting” other people?
We will talk about it during our webinar: March 27, 2023 (Monday) at 5:30 p.m.
Our guest will be prof. Ph.D. Dariusz Doliński – one of the most respected social psychologists in Poland. He deals with the psychology of social behavior, psychology of emotions and motivation. Analyzes techniques of social influence, mechanisms of submission to external pressure and social manipulation. He is interested in the psychological aspects of marketing and advertising. More about the professor here: https://swps.pl/dariusz-dolinski 
Participants will be able to ask questions to our Speaker – we encourage you to actively participate! The conversation will be moderated by Martyna Gietz.
The “Us and Them” project is a Solidarity Project, financed by the EU under the European Solidarity Corps, organized by the Kontrasty group. Our mission is to popularize a conscious and critical approach to the reality around us and respect for people with a different view of the world. We talk about social polarization, information bubbles and reliable sources of information.
We encourage you to read the project assumptions on our website: www.myioni.pl
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The webinar is organized as part of the „Us and Them” project as part of the European Solidarity Corps.


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