Do we need strong female characters in films and series? How do streaming platforms influence the formation of “political correctness”? Does cinema replicate or break stereotypes?

The following speakers will take part in the discussion: Dr. Iwona Morozow – culture expert, anthropologist and film expert. He deals with the broadly understood economics of cinema and visual anthropology. She is interested in contemporary cinema, film and popular culture, especially documentary film, the production, distribution and promotional context of a film work, as well as the theory and practice of using ethnographic methods in film research. Since 2017, she has been working with the video marketing agency Frame Media as a production manager, screenwriter and director. At SWPS University, he teaches popular culture, screenwriting, creative writing, audiovisual creation, media systems and advertising. Dr. Sylwia Szostak – media expert. He observes the changes in television with particular interest and is also interested in the production culture and organization of the audiovisual industry, show business marketing and the creative industry. As an expert and commentator, she cooperates with the weekly “Wprost”, the magazine “Ekrany” and the Interia portal. At SWPS University, he teaches classes in the area of visual communication, public relations and communication technology.

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The video is a recording of a webinar that took place on June 8, 2023. as part of the “Us and Them” project.


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