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project assumptions

What problem have we noticed?

The mission of the US & THEM is to overcome unconscious prejudice and fight stereotyping. We believe that the perception of atypicality as abnormality is unfair – therefore, we want to promote openess and empathy towards people who represent different views, look different or have different values. In order to achieve the goal and blur the differences between “US” and “THEM” perceptions, we use the strategy of bringing “otherness” to a common denominator!

How we work

Project implemented within the framework of the 

European Solidarity Corps
12 months
+ Wroclaw

Your view on stereotypes

Why are blondes stupid, but those wearing glasses not anymore? Stereotypes are designed to simplify our world. By classifying a group into an already ready-made drawer, we subtract extra effort from our brain. After all, every member of the group is the same. Convenient, right? And since it works to make life easier, do stereotypes actually have to be only hurtful? See what your perception of stereotypes is!

Our actions

Conversations about…

Those who are willing are welcome to attend stationary meetings under the theme “Stereotypes about…”, during which we will discuss the subject of prejudice and the difficulties associated with it. Not only from a psychological point of view, but also from a practical perspective – we will meet with representatives of various social groups who will talk about their experiences. The events are free and open – we rely on your active participation in the discussion! Dates will be posted on our social media, so feel free to follow them. For those interested, unable to attend the meetings, we encourage you to visit our channel on the YouTube platform.

Stationary workshops

We strongly encourage you to participate in the workshop form of meetings. Their purpose is to work through various forms of activity on oneself discussed during the talks and webinars we organize. They are a kind of complement, but most importantly they give a completely new perspective on the learned content – through practical exercises. The topics of the individual workshops are covered in strict secrecy and for some of them the number of places is limited – so we encourage you to follow our social media diligently, where more and more information will appear!

Webinars with experts

How to prevent the formation of hostile attitudes toward “strangers”? And is it even possible? As a complement to the “Conversations about…” element, we suggest participating in the webinars we organize. Online meetings with experts in the fields of psychology, sociology (and more), will meet the requirements of the most faithful enthusiasts of curiosities about our brains and help understand the patterns that govern us. We especially encourage you to attend “live” meetings, thanks to the one-of-a-kind interaction with the presenters and the opportunity to ask them questions. Do you want to learn what a self-fulfilling prophecy or confirmation effect is? Or have you already heard about them, but still don’t know how to fight them? Feel free to follow our FB account!

What you can do?

We are supported by
Solidarity Project, funded by the EU as part of the European Solidarity Corps
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