Is there anyone here aged 16-30? Tell us about your social activities!
Today we have an important case for you! This is an invitation to complete a short survey that will help us understand how young people get involved in social issues, influence positive changes around them and what prevents them from doing so.
Regardless of whether you are a volunteer, whether you are active in a student organization / MRM / Scouting / informal groups – or maybe you take part in protests from time to time. Your responses will be extremely valuable and will help us create better activities in the future.
You can fill out the survey here:…/opowiedz-o-swoim..
Important information:
– The survey will take you a few or a dozen or so minutes (these are mainly “closed” responses).
– All collected data is confidential and anonymous. Your privacy is the most important to us!
– The study is being carried out as part of our cooperation with the Important Matters Foundation. – If you can, share this survey with your friends for whom activism is also important. We want to hear from as many people as possible! 
Thanks for your commitment and all your support!

The webinar is organized as part of the „Us and Them” project as part of the European Solidarity Corps.


We invite all people and companies who would like to support the re-organization of this type of initiatives to contact us via e-mail

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