Team For

Project Management

managed by Izabela Sojewska

Develops a strategy and action schedule, supervises its implementation and creates reports. Establishes and maintains relationships with Partners. Supports other Teams, organises trainings, meetings and workshops, and designs all evaluation activities.

Team for

substantive content

managed by Dawid Gawlik

Conducts research on the subject of the Project, analyses press articles and verifies fake news. Prepares popular science studies and other substantive content.



managed by Anna Szczepanowicz

Responsible for creating scripts, recording meetings, conversations and street surveys carried out as part of the Project, as well as editing films.



zarządza Kamil Żółkiewicz

Publicises events, prepares press releases and promotes all activities and content on social media. Responsible for website editing and contacts with partners, patrons and the media.


social media

managed by Martyna Gietz

Responsible for the Project’s communication on social media. Creates posts, graphics, short videos, organises online events and competitions, and answers all questions from our recipients.

team for


managed by Dominika Borecka

Takes care of the availability of materials for the largest possible number of recipients – adds subtitles to films and translates the content into English and Ukrainian, and cooperates with Polish Sign Language interpreters.

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