The Contrasts Project is a social project that aims to educate about social polarization and the information bubble. We believe that building a division between “US” and “THEM” hinders discussion, prevents constructive debate, and closes the way to agreement between parties with differing views.

📣 We invite you to get involved in the Project – you decide how much time you want to devote. Most tasks can be done remotely.

We offer:
💎 the opportunity to pursue your own ideas and build a portfolio;
💎 individual references;
💎 gaining experience in teamwork;
💎 satisfaction from real action for the development of social dialogue!

We are looking for people to join the social media, promotions, content support and logistics teams, among others, who want to develop in at least one of the following areas:
📍 planning campaigns to promote the Project;
📍 co-managing the Project’s FB/ Instagram/ TikTok;
📍 analyzing social media and press content;
📍 media contact, partner and fundraising;
📍 graphics, editing, photography, journalism, translation;
📍 technical support.


We invite all individuals and companies who would like to help organize such initiatives again to contact us via email


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