Our goal

Our mission

 Popularisation of conscious and critical approach to the surrounding world and respect for people representing a different world view.


Social polarization is a process that significantly affects the functioning of the state, local communities and also interpersonal relations. There are many reasons behind it, among which is the so-called information bubble. The lack of careful analysis of content and the search for information in a variety of sources results in a confirmation of one’s own beliefs. This attitude can cause resentment towards a group holding a different point of view, and in extreme cases even hostility.

Building a division between “US” and “THEM” is not beneficial to the civilizational development of the country, the sense of security of individuals and the formation of a coherent collective identity.

On the other hand, it favors the media and political groups, which in their coverage run away from substantive content and present their program relying largely on emotions – especially negative ones. This situation hinders discussion, prevents constructive debate and closes the way to agreement between parties with differing views.

Our vision

We want to educate.

We are not experts, so we work with specialists and researchers in various fields who are willing to share their knowledge. It is important for us to be aware of mechanisms regarding social polarization, to know how to get out of one’s information bubble, and to be able to look for reliable sources of information. It is also important to pay attention to the quality of public debate and the techniques used to argue one’s case.

We also want to criticize.

Regardless of our views, we should reflect on the integrity of the way the content is presented. We value inquisitiveness, asking questions and being aware of the multifaceted nature of many issues. A reflective approach to reality and one’s own social attitudes helps avoid escalating conflicts and unwarranted hostility. It is worth asking yourself: why do I agree with everything in my information bubble?

Above all, however, we want to talk and encourage discussion.

The discussion should be substantive, multi-faceted and based on respect for differing views. We believe that on many issues we are able to find a point of common ground, even though it may seem impossible at first. However, we are not concerned with persuading someone to change his or her mind – the value is the very contact with people who look at the world differently, respecting their autonomy and being open to the fact that our views are not the only right ones.


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